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Static site generator

When I want to write some technical blogs and publish them online, from programmers’ point of view, there are many options for static website generator, such as Jekyll, Octopress, Hugo, Pelican, Nuxt, Hexo, etc. It is actually not that easy to say which one is the best, depends largely on your needs and background, e.g. Jekyll and Octopress is Ruby based, Hugo is powered by Go, Pelican is written in Python, Nuxt is Vue based, and Hexo is built on Nodejs. You can of course pick any one to start with, I did some investigation and comparison and finally end up choosing Hexo, simply because it is easy to start with, and I like its simple and clean style.

Setup Hexo

Two dependencies need to be installed in advance:

  • Git
  • Node.js
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Here is a collection of the Linux commands I used but always forget.